Thursday, December 29, 2011

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December 28, 2011, Colorado Springs, CO ? For over twenty years, Silver Key Senior Services enlisted the help of volunteers to brighten the holidays for seniors in Colorado Springs by providing Thanksgiving meals in November and gifts in December.? This year, Silver Key ushered in a new era in holiday celebrations by hosting an open house for clients and a new tradition has been borne.? Over 500 seniors were treated to food, fun, music and a small gift at the Open House on December 10, which was supported by generous donations from our Giving Tree partners and committed community volunteers.


Seniors were thrilled to be able to meet employees and volunteers they have only known on the phone, they enjoyed the opportunity to sit and visit with other seniors they might have met on Silver Key buses or on their monthly trips into the agency, and loved spending time with little ?carolers? and students who joined the party for the day.? As one gentleman stated ?this is the only party I will go to this year, I?m so glad you invited me!?? The Silver Key Holiday Project has always been focused on companionship and friendly interaction but this year, it was elevated to a new level.?


Over the years, many people have made the Silver Key Holiday Project a part of their personal holiday tradition and we are so grateful for their loyalty. While the scope of the project has changed, we will continue to need volunteers in the years ahead and we also have volunteer opportunities throughout the year.? Please contact Lisa Waltman, our Volunteer Coordinator at 719 884-2319 or if you are interested in hearing more about volunteer opportunities.? If you have questions regarding Silver Key Senior Services or the Holiday Open House, please contact Lorri Orwig at 719 884-2313 or email




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