Saturday, January 7, 2012

Victorian Wedding Day Portrait- 1800s Vintage Photograph- CDV by EphemeraObscura

(2 1/2 x 4 In) This is an original vintage carte de visite photograph from the 1800s. It shows a husband and wife posing together on their wedding day. The photo is in EXCELLENT condition, a few slightly worn areas.

***Item will be packaged with care in an acid free sleeve, placed between two pieces of cardboard and shipped in a Bubble mailer.***

***If you need something SHIPPED FASTER than standard shipping or by a specfic date, please contact me and I'll get you shipping prices.***

***Vintage and antique items each have a unique history, and are sold exactly as I bought or found them/ They are in ?AS FOUND" condition. Due to their unique nature, rarity, and age, all vintage and antique items are sold ?AS IS?, ***

THANK YOU for looking!
Questions? Please contact me. Ephemera Obscura


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